My Google Earth projects


This is my Google Earth mirror site from which you can download my GE folders.

To enjoy your Google Earth trip to the most, please turn on in your Google Earth programme in the layer window the following items: 3D photorealistic, terrain, temples.

Click the
icon to download the folders:

(Safari users: change extension of downloaded file into ‘Name.kmz’, remove ‘.zip’)

Google Earth (free download)

Hyakunin Isshu - 百人一首

Classical Japanese poetry

One hundred poets in one hundred poems

Companion to my Hyakunin Isshu website.

P.G. Wodehouse

The life and work of the humorous writer P.G. Wodehouse

Het Gein

The rural community along the river Gein, near Amsterdam.

Langs het Gein. (Texts in Dutch)


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Hyakunin Isshu - 百人一首

P.G. Wodehouse 

Het Gein

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